Music to Get Through the Day With

Sometimes, you see a photo that glows with pure joy in being. Sometimes, in music, you hear it in an instrumental piece or a song. And sometimes, you experience it through both your sense of hearing and sense of sight.

These music videos by The Piano Guys (Jon Schmidt, pianist/songwriter; Steven Sharp Nelson, cellist/songwriter; Paul Anderson, producer/videgrapher; Al Van Der Beek, music producer/songwriter) are just, for me, great examples of what it’s like to simply be happy in what you’re doing, in being good at what you’re doing, AND in bringing joy to other people by what you’re doing.

I listen to this playlist when I’m writing. I listen especially to their cover of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”–honestly, much as I like the song, I love these guys’ cover so much, much more. Somehow, the music just goes straight to the heart, as though rendered sharper and purer by the lack of lyrics.

Please check out their playlist of videos. These guys are more than just talented; they are, I dare say, bliss personified.

And subscribe to their YouTube channel, too. And while you’re at it, see about buying their albums, okay?



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  1. They make one direction sound cool! Lol

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