Words of Wisdom for January 28, 2015


Very often, the little thing we do for others are the exact things that keep their life from going into a spiral. – From a Facebook post

Story time again, another story I read years before:

A high school freshman spotted a nerdy-looking, bespectacled kid named Kyle walking home from school alone on a Friday afternoon, carrying a huge pile of books. “Who studies on a weekend? He must really be a nerd,” the guy thought.

Then a bunch of other kids run up, knock the books right out of Kyle’s hands and send his glasses flying. The freshie (no name, the story is told from his point of view) rushed over and helped him pick up all his books and his glasses. Kyle smiled back with real gratitude.

The two became very good friends, and over the years, the unnamed guy watched Kyle transform from a shy, skinny nerd to one of the most popular kids in the school. Graduation rolled around, and Kyle was asked to give a speech before the graduating class.

During his speech, Kyle told the story of a time years ago when he was depressed and alone and a victim of bullies. He planned to kill himself during the weekend, and had cleared his locker so his mother would be spared the chore. But a person helped him, was kind to him, and became his friend.

“Thankfully, that person saved my life,” Kyle finished. Then he turned toward the narrator, and gave him that same, deeply grateful smile.

Always be kind. Because we are saved by other people’s acts of kindness, big or small. Because we in turn save them by our gifts from the heart.

Because we never know.

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