On the Way to Ever After

My First Couple--Ivy and Miguel.
My First Couple–Ivy and Miguel.

Meet Ivy

She’s gorgeous, funny, and a little bit crazy. Twenty years old, a model, and a senior in her last year at university. In short, she’s almost perfect.

Except she looks all of twelve.

Meet Miguel

He’s a genius, an Engineering major at university. Quiet, honest, shy but hides it behind a cool, calm, collected exterior.

And oh yeah, he’s thirteen years old.

A twenty-year-old woman who doesn’t look her age. A thirteen-year-old boy who doesn’t act his age.

They meet. They become friends. They fall in love.

And somehow, against all the odds, they make it work.

Status:  Ongoing

Warning: Story contains mature topics and adult language.



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  1. Okay, I just started reading this on fictionpress and once again I got to praise your writing skills, the plot is pretty interesting and I actually have yet to read the juicy parts of this story, you know, cause these three chapters are only the appetizer. I still have the main course left in front of me!
    And I honestly feel that you should publish these stuffs. You could be really famous! Me being into writing, I know how awesome you have to be to pull stuffs you pull of and I like how you put the humor, not just here but everywhere. I aspire to become a writer like you.
    In case you think this is flattery, it’s nowhere near that. ‘Cause everything I’ve said until now is very honest and I really am not the type to flatter anyone and I don’t just read anyone’s each and every story.
    With that, I just want to say, mush respect for you, Moira Inori! Salute!


    • Hello, and sorry I took so long to reply. Once again, your comments are extremely welcome, and thank you so much for your kindness. Your saying that you aspire to be a writer like me–wow. You honor me, and inspire me, too, because you’re working hard on your writing (I’ve got some free time now and I intend to sit down and read your Chapter 2 of The Burning Skies), and nothing is more inspiring than diligence and commitment.

      Sigh. Unlike me. Man, I haven’t been writing in a while. I kind of envy you, too.

      Anyway, thank you so much once again for giving my stories a chance and for being so gracious. Keep on writing! ^_^


      • I assumed you have been very busy ’cause I’ve see you apologizing a number of times on the ‘new’ writing job. I don’t know if you’re still into it. By now, I’m already into chapter 17 of this story. And what I once thought, was impossible to finish reading in lifetimes is now coming to an end! I mean, the chapters are huuuuuuge! But the writing keeps you glued to the screen and now that I have school off for a few days, I finished three chapters in one day! Okay, maybe two chapters. Anyway, I’ve got a question, a silly one. Are you going to finish this story? I saw in fictionpress that you last updated this almost a year ago. And I do hope you finish your “Strawberry Dream Wedding”. Would be so happy if you did! I can’t wait for more updates of your fics! So I honestly hope that you complete them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, the chapters are massive. I sometimes console myself with the thought that since they come so rarely, I might as well make them at least half-way worth the wait. Of course, it doesn’t work quite the same way when you’re reading the chapters one after another. >_<

        I do intend to finish them. Both Ivy and Migs' story and Christian and Joy's. I love them. Somehow, they're like real people to me by now, and I realize that sounds insane. I do intend to finish, and not just because my daughter has been nagging me about it–don't know why, I haven't allowed her to read "On the Way to Ever After" yet. I do intend to finish, because if I don't, this will honestly be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, regrets of my life. I'd have to come back as a ghost to finish it, and nobody wants that.

        So it's not a silly question, not at all. At this point, it's the ONLY question there is, I kind of think. ^_^


      • Oh and one more thing. Make that two! It’s that, I’ve been getting a heck lot of views from the Philippines these days. I find it very……….intriguing! And, er, don’t think you’re very active on Facebook, are you? Because, I sent you a friend request in Celeste Ann (pardon spelling mistakes, if any). It’d be very good to get some tips on how to write romance and I truly admire the way you write romance. The sweetness with the bitterness of real life. Aspiring, truly aspiring!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Samin, right? Of Notre Dame College, Dhaka? I can send you a friend request right now. ^_^ I’m on Facebook a lot–it’s one of my preferred methods for procrastinating at work–but I changed my name (back) to my full name. Long story.

        Aaaaand, the hits from the Philippines? That’s probably me. Sorry. I have a habit of leaving the websites I want to read/intend to read as soon as I get some guilt-inducing deadlines done open on my browser while I work. So, yeah, it didn’t occur to me that I’ve been skewing your stats. My apologies. I did bookmark your blog, though.

        Thank you again for the kind remarks. Ahaha, I don’t know how good any romantic writing advice I could give you would be, but if I can be of help to you in any way, just say the word. ^_^


      • Yeah, you got me on facebook! And don’t apologize for skewing my stats ’cause that was not an accusation, rather a curiosity!

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